• Emerald B

    Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician/ Dancer

  • About

    Stage Name

    My name is Emma Bown, but my stage name is Emerald B and here’s how it originated! Em comes from my first name: Emma, Er comes from my middle name Catherine and once I had Emer, I thought... Emerald! Lastly, B stands for my last name Bown and thats where Emerald B comes from.


    From a very young age, I always enjoyed performing. I have performed at many amateur events, local fairs, competitions and more. I am 14 years old and I play the piano, ukulele and guitar. I also sing and dance competitively.

  • Music

    I currently have 7 professionally recorded songs out on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and more. To find them you can simply search up “Emerald B” on any of the services and my covers will show up. I also make little covers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The record label I am working with right now is BluePurple Records and he helps me with everything so go check out his social feed. Enjoy!

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