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    About Me!

    Emerald B is an up and coming 15 year old singer/songwriter, dancer, musician, and positive influencer from Canada who strives to inspire others. She has performed at many venues across Southern Ontario, and toured in 4 cities in the U.S. both as a solo artist and as part of a six member Juno Nominated all girl pop group (Girl Pow-R). Emma's music is inspired by the emotional pain and depression she went through in the past year. Her goal is to help and guide others who deal with any kind of struggle or mental illness. She is currently working with Jan Jansen (Record Label, Producer) , Cleveland Sound Lab (Producer, Recording Studio), Brian Melo (Mentor, writer and winner of Canadian Idol!), and Ian Smith (Recording Studio and producer). Stay positive, inspired, confident and strong!

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    The song Helium was inspired by the emotional pain and depression of 14 year old Emerald B went through in the past year. Some of the words are those expressed by Emma turned into lyrics as she searched for answers why she had such constantly low feelings. Even happy occasions held a dull low underlying emotion. Friends who tried help would to say just turn it off, it’s in your head (the opening line), don’t think about it and couldn’t understand that it’s not something Emma could control. Helium was used as a parallel because it seemed like the solution is to always keep reaching for things that lift you up when nothing else was working. In the end although it seems sad, it is also hopeful since Emerald knows she and everyone deserves to be happy.



    "Almost" is about falling in love but, just not knowing if you’re ready for a relationship yet. The time will come and you will realize when you’re ready."


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    I currently have 7 professionally recorded songs out on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and more. To find them you can simply search up “Emerald B” on any of the services and my covers will show up. I also make little covers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The record label I am working with right now is BluePurple Records and he helps me with everything so go check out his social feed. Enjoy!


    This song was written about equality and how discrimination of any kind is NOT okay. I wrote the song for the Arts of August Competition at the Living Rock Hamilton and I had so much fun performing!

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