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    Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician/ Dancer

    Emerald B

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    Emerald B. is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Hamilton. She has performed at venues across Ontario and is a former member of JUNO Nominated group (Girl Pow-R). She has performed with Girl Pow-R in 2 US tours and performed solo at Playlist Live in Orlando. She also loves to perform the Anthem regularly for various sporting events in her hometown. Emma is releasing an album this year with new R&B/Pop music and hopes to inspire her listeners.

  • Music


    Waste My Love

    Danny & Sandy


    Danny & Sandy is inspired by the Grease movie and will take you back to the 50's!

    Love Me Twice

    Love Me Twice describes someone who is asking for a second chance after doing you wrong and not treating you right. But, you have given them so many chances and forgiven them too many times. You realize you need to end this friendship/relationship and focus on yourself and love yourself.


    "Up" is about reaching your goals and dreams. It talks about setting a plan and seeing it through.

    On My Own


    "On My Own" is about going through a breakup and realizing that you need time to focus on yourself. Understanding how you and the other person feel is important and making sure you are taking care of yourself mentally is essential.


    The song Helium was inspired by the emotional pain and depression Emerald B went through in the past couple of years. Some of the words are expressed by Emma turned into lyrics as she searched for answers to why she had such constantly low feelings. Even happy occasions held a dull low underlying emotion. Friends who tried to help would say just turn it off, it’s in your head (the opening line), don’t think about it and couldn’t understand that it’s not something Emma could control. In the end, although it seems sad, it is also hopeful since Emerald knows she and everyone deserve to be happy.



    "Almost" is about falling in love but, just not knowing if you’re ready for a relationship yet. The time will come and you will realize when you’re ready."



    This song was written about equality and how discrimination of any kind is NOT okay. I wrote the song for the Arts of August Competition at the Living Rock Hamilton.

  • Social Media

    Contact: biabown@hotmail.com

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